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Wolff Café

A specialty coffee roaster

An online retailer of ultrafrozen, plant-based, ready-meals and snacks. Founded by Fernando, Fábio & Jônatas, friends that had in common the desire to change how plant-based food is seen - it can be delicious, practical and nutritionally balanced.

The company is a pioneer in the online market, one of the first movers to conquer a flexitarian target public – offering products of high quality - flavor, nutritional balance and creativity -, through a highly capable team with excellent execution skills.

We have joined the company in 2017, raising seed capital for a new plan. The business was focused only on the online channel in SP. We have changed the brand to appeal to a wider public and launched a new e-commerce. Additionally, we created a plan to expand geographically through distribution centers, and also to sell in the premium food retail off line.

Everything is produced with the same base production kitchen and be scaled up accordingly.

Our impact is focused around the global warming issue, reducing our CO2 footprint, respecting and preserving life, and prioritizing small and organic producers.

Every cup is a mixed roast of science and passion.