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Murilo Souza

Value Creation Manager

Hi, pleased to meet you. My name is Murilo. I was born in São Bernardo of the Campo, but my family origins stem from the interior of São Paulo. I graduated in Company Administration from EAESP-FGV.

I spent 11 years at a strategy and management consultancy, during which I called 5 different countries home, working on over 40 projects. In the midst of all this, I took some short sabbaticals of up to 7 months as a meditation retreat. It was these moments that distilled my sense of restlessness into realizing what I really needed to do: to dedicate most of the hours in my day (the ones we call ‘work’) to doing something positive for the world, rather than just my ‘free time’ or through my ‘personal attitudes’.

I learned to tune these emotions until they allowed me to view life’s events with the comfort of knowing that each step is the right one simply because it is the only one we will take, and that the Present is the only thing we have that is real. Thus, for me, Happiness is about feeling fulfilled and living the moment.

Then, in the time that truly is left just for me, I am a movie-buff, who follows almost any sport going (I’m all about ‘doing things’ these days!). I love the beach and taking a stroll with my son, delighting in the fun he has in encountering the world!

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