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Jorge Dias

Content and Marketing Analyst

Graduated in Journalism at PUC-RJ, with post-graduate certificate in Strategic Communication Management at FACHA.

Over the past 10 years, she has been working in the communication area on several fronts (reporting, press relations, social media management and content production for different online and offline channels) – having worked in public and private institutions in Brazil.

Priscila lived abroad for a few years, in Italy, Ireland – where she took a course in Digital Marketing at the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and worked with content production for social media in a local company – and also in Spain, where she could deepen in the culture, in the language, in addition to working in a multinational in the Customer Relations area.

She has always wanted to work with something that would generate a positive impact for people and the planet and, after working for 3 years producing and editing articles about social programs in Rio de Janeiro communities, this desire grew along with her passion for the communication area.

At Rise, she works as a Content and Marketing Analyst.

Hobbies: Traveling, reading, meditating, and studying human issues more deeply.

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