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Tiago Longuini

Co-founder & COO

Graduated in Business Administration with an emphasis on Corporate Finance and Financial Markets from Faculdade Getúlio Vargas (FGV-SP), Tiago is one of Rise’s co-founding partners.

Worked for 10 years at Integration Consulting, where he was responsible for delivering more than 30 projects with clients from 12 countries, as well as being lead manager of projects conducted in 6 of these countries (Pakistan, Thailand, Nigeria, Russia, Kazakhstan and Romania) . Specialized in Go-To-Market and Market Scan projects in emerging countries, he also performed due diligence for acquisitions and strategic partnerships between companies. Tiago was also one of those responsible for undertaking the company’s office in Europe.

At Rise, he acts as COO and leads the portfolio’s Value Creation model.

Hobbies: Design, technology, carpentry, automotive mechanics, DIY.

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