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Wolff Café

A specialty coffee roaster

An independent curator and roaster of specialty coffees in São Paulo. Founded by Hugo Wolff, a former  marine turned roaster and barista. The company’s aim is to prospect the essence and quality in people and coffee drinking experience.

The company has coffee curating expertise and a long-term relationship with small coffee producers in the Brazilian specialty coffee chain, as well as cutting edge knowledge relating to the roasting of raw beans in its small industry in São Paulo.

We joined the company in 2016 and raised some seed capital after completing the strategy design. The business was focused only on B2B roasted coffee sales – mostly to specialist cafeterias. We developed a new brand, expanded our B2B channel (restaurants, offices, bakeries), and started on the B2C market – setting up an e-commerce and a subscription model service. The expansion of the portfolio now includes coffee accessories.

We work with many small producers from different regions in Brazil. Our positive impact is to increase the income of these producers through fair trade and education to leverage the quality of the beans planted.

Every cup is a mixed roast of science and passion.

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