Rise Ventures

We  invest in business with high growth potential that generate attractive financial returns and positive socio-environmental transformations.

Our investment management
company focuses on 3 verticals:


Essential products and services related to social inclusion. It contemplates my relationship with other human beings.

The main sectors are:

Education, Health, Credit, Housing, Energy, Connectivity, Professional Occupation and Efficiency of Public Management.



Products and services related to the regeneration and preservation of the environment and natural resources. It contemplates my relationship with the environment.

The main sectors are:

Clean Energy, Circular Economy, Sanitation, Waste Management, Sustainable Mobility, Sustainable Construction and Efficient Use of Natural Resources.



Products and services related to self-care. It contemplates my relationship with myself.

The main sectors are:

Healthy Eating, Preventive and Integrative Health, Body Health and Psycho / Social-Emotional Education.


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