Rise Ventures

The right people
in the right place

We believe that people-centered enterprises are the ones most likely to thrive. This is our start point: having the most passionate, the most qualified, and the most resilient people. Team-ready people. Because it’s the sum that makes every individual perform at their best to serve the mission. We are always evolving.

When we say together we rise,
we mean together with these people here

These are the passionate co-entrepreneurs that make us who we are.

We are only human

And that makes all the difference.


We are always beta. This means that self-improvement and knowledge is an integral part of our routine. Executing, aiming higher, making mistakes and learning from them. Living to our full potential – and then wanting a little bit more.


There is intensity in what we do, in the way we involve and evolve together with the companies and the ecosystem. We are passionate people in love with what we do.


Our background makes us technically able to deliver our value proposition. We come from strategic and management consulting firms, investment management, M&A boutiques, startups and our own companies. This is what makes our company unique in its capacity to deliver.


It is not easy to be an early-stage entrepreneur. It will always be a rocky path. But being able to withstand and quickly recover from and learn from difficult situations, is part of who we are.

If you want to see the opportunities that are currently open,
or just leave your CV with us for future opportunities,
please check-in:

Rise Ventures
Upload you CV for future opportunities - São Paulo - SP View vacancy
Alba Energia
Human Resources Coordinator - Pouso Alegre – MG View vacancy
Sales Consultant - Pouso Alegre – MG View vacancy
Internal Sales Consultant - Pouso Alegre – MG View vacancy
Sales Consultant - Poços de Caldas View vacancy
Sales Consultant - Extrema View vacancy
Sales Consultant - Varginha View vacancy
Salesman - Pouso Alegre – MG View vacancy
Assistant / Electrician - Pouso Alegre – MG View vacancy
General Services Assistant - Pouso Alegre – MG View vacancy
Electrical Designer Analyst/Coordinator Pouso Alegre – MG View vacancy
Financial Analyst - senior São Paulo - SP | Chácara Santo Antônio View vacancy
(PT) Okena
Financial coordinator - Coordinator Itapevi/SP View vacancy
Trainee Mechanical Engineer - Board Assistant Itapevi/SP View vacancy