Rise Ventures

The right people
in the right place

We believe enterprises that put people at the heart of decisions are the most likely to thrive. This is our starting point: passionate, qualified, and resilient people. People who are on a mission and constantly evolving.

Together we Rise

This is the team that makes Rise what it is:

We are human

And that makes all the difference.


We are always beta. Self-awareness and continuous learning are an integral part of our routine. Executing, making mistakes, getting it right and learning in a methodical and empirical manner. Living to our full potential – and always wanting more.


We are genuine and profound in the way we involve and evolve together with the companies and the ecosystem. We are passionate about what we do.


Our background makes us able to deliver our value proposition. We are entrepreneurs who previously worked at strategic and management consulting firms, investment and asset management, M&A boutiques, startups, and our own companies. This is what makes our company have an unique deliver capacity.


It is not easy to be an early-stage entrepreneur. The only certainty along the journey is having an intense problem solving agenda with few or limited resources. It’s a sacred ‘uphill climb’ for those with vocation. Knowing how to operate in this environment requires resilience: a quality that our team possesses and develops each day.

We are always seeking the best talent.
If you want to check out our current vacancies, or wish
to leave your resume for future opportunities, take a look at the list below:

Rise Ventures
(CV Database) Value Creation São Paulo - SP View vacancy
Financial Manager São Paulo - SP View vacancy
Talent Acquisition Manager São Paulo - SP View vacancy
Alba Energia
Expedition Assistant - Curitiba - PR View vacancy
Performance Mkt Analyst - São Paulo - SP View vacancy
Production Assistant - São Paulo - SP View vacancy
Relationship Consultant (Farmer) Itapevi/SP View vacancy
Maintenance Analyst Itapevi/SP View vacancy
Pre-Sales Assistant (SDR) Itapevi/SP View vacancy
ETE Operator Itapevi/SP View vacancy
Administrative Analyst Itapevi/SP View vacancy