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Rodrigo Vidigal

Value Creation Analyst

Hi, I’m Rodrigo, a Value Creation analyst here at Rise. After graduating in Company Administration from FGV, I did an exchange at the University of Westminster in London, and started work in corporate banking. More recently, I worked in strategy and management consulting. All of the places that I have been have had an important role in stoking my passion for business and entrepreneurship, as well as the need to resolve Society’s latent problems using these means.

I am moved by the arts, especially music. A pianist, thanks to my gran, who I’ve had classes with every week since I can remember. I love dogs, especially pugs, and have a bonsai, which I’ve been taking care of every day for two years. I love to travel, to get to know new places and interesting people, to learn and to teach, to watch movies and go snowboarding.

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